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Stop painting lipstick on a giant pig

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Даниэл Кудвиен (он же sun) о проблемах Друпала:
More than 150 unresolved bugs and tasks exist for the new Dashboard, Shortcut, Toolbar, and Overlay modules alone. These modules were invented from scratch after code-freeze (which is no wonder because the very design for them started only six months earlier), partially had to be rewritten at least once after getting in, and had a huge impact on the delayed Drupal 7 release.
I think its essential to recognize that with how the feedback process was handled during D7UX, we demotivated a crucial group: our core developers, who can do the heavy lifting required for some of the proposed changes.
We have roughly 450+ core contributors, of whom about 10 are working on the core interface.
...was an early reflection by one of the Usability team leads — in other words: "Core developers really didn't want to take on this burden, but it happened nonetheless."
Those last-minute product features not only blocked Drupal 7 from being released. They also distracted and prevented many high-profile core developers from working on the much more important API and subsystem issues in Drupal core, of which many still remain unresolved today.
The Drupal Crisis
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Stop painting lipstick on a giant pig